Rock Queen Blog Review

Concrete Kingdoms are delighted to post a blog review from the excellent Jenny Tate at Rock Queen reviews – thanks Jenny! ;…/…/24/concrete-kingdoms-ep/

Concrete Kingdoms – EP
Hail To The King – Very classic old school intro, similar trad type riffs and a prominent down-tuned bass line. A slight stoner feel, combined with typically sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll lyrics; all of which fits together nicely. Steady pace and some well-placed high-pitched vocals towards the end. All in all, it’s the kind of track you’d expect to hear on a film soundtrack, with a storyline about the re-formation of an old school band, from back in the day. This, IMHO, is a good thing.

Whole Lotta Hype – Ooh, very Californian style bluesy intro. Now, this is happening. It’s got grit and plenty of it. Catchy, sexy, rockiness in spades. Some lovely riffs and great sound production. It just flows effortlessly, treating us to more of those gorgeous screams, while taking nothing away from the general cool, rocky vibes. Immediate and powerful. Remember that Wrigleys spearmint chewing gum ad? Well this is an even sexier, rockier version, with a sultry, stoner leaning. What’s not to like?

Fade Away – Beautiful riff and vocal intro, bringing an instant sense of uplifted melancholia, which will slow everything down, calm your senses and hit ‘that’ spot of emotional release, in a way which has to be experienced to be understood. Heavy and gentler flow, in and out, like rhythmic breathing, throughout. An almost yogic element lives within this. An absolutely serene and uplifting example of hearing a guitar sing, to the very depths of your soul. Healing, profound and just unforgettable.

Overall – It speaks the deep and unheard language of your soul.

10/10 **********